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Welcome to the world where art meets fashion, where beauty unfolds in amazing ways, and where VICDIMA's artistic expressions become an integral part of your own artistic journey. Embrace the wearable masterpieces and let your style shine with the essence of true artistic brilliance.

VICDIMA online store is run by the artist who has showcased works in public art exhibitions, gallery shows, online exhibitions, and student exhibitions. The artist has a deep passion for exploring various mediums of expression as the artist also practice painting, photography, and drawing to express imagination, emotions, and the artistic vision. With another focus on the artist's imaginative abstract painting, drawing, and capturing nature photography, the artist love to share their captivating visual art experiences to the viewers. When creating the abstract painting, the artist embrace the freedom to do experimentations and create without boundaries as the artist rely on their intuition and imaginative mind to have captivating outcomes and let the

viewers to wonder on their own. 

Exhibitions and Achievements:

Selected Artwork: “ The Other Realm” for “Inspired By”, A Small Works Exhibit in Long Beach Creative Group Gallery

Selected Artwork: “Zion National Park” Biafarine Online Exhibition, 2022, Exhibizone Grand  Prize 2022 Award

Selected Artwork: “ Magical Mermaid”, Public Art Exhibition in City of Costa Mesa

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